Calendar of Events

14.01.2023 Child Protection Training, Beheimgasse Baptist Church (Registration required)

20.01-22.01.2023 AmPuls Conference, Munich

29.01-31.01.2023 Pastoral Retreat, St Pölten

14.01.2023 Child Protection Training in English, Krummgasse 6, 1030 (Registration required)

11.02.2023 Special Assembly, Mollardgasse Baptist Church

24.03-25.03.2023 Forum of Free Churches in Austria, Teisendorf

15.04.2023 Child Protection Training, Mollardgasse Baptist Church (Registration required)

10.05-14.05.2023 EBM International Mission Council, Izmir, Turkey

18.05-21.05.2023 Mountaintop (Retreat for teens and youth), Laussa

3.06.2023 Child Protection Training, Vienna (Registration required)

8.06-9.06.2023 Pre-conference for church leadership, St Pölten

9.06-10.06.2023 Baptist Union Conference and Assembly, St Pölten

24.06.2023 Child Protection Training, Vienna (Registration required)

5.07-9.07.2023 EBF Mission Conference, Stavanger, Norway

15.07-22.07.2023 Kids Summer Camps, Sarleinsbach

4.08-8.08.2023 KJW Road Trip to Satellites, UK