Meet the newest member of the Union leadership

As of the end of November the Union leadership team officially has 8 members. The newest member is Fritz Kaiser, Pastor of the Bujattigasse Baptist Church. Here you can get to know a little bit about him:

Dear brothers and sisters!

My name is Fritz Kaiser. I am 51 years old and have been married to Mieke for almost 25 years. We have two children: Kristian and Vanessa.

As a child I attended the Essling Baptist Church in Vienna where my mother came to faith.

I came to faith as a child through the ministry of KEB (now known as Kids Team).

When I was nine years old I moved to the Netherlands with my mother.

In 2003 I completed my theological training in the Netherlands. After that I got in touch with the Austrian Baptist Union and took part in the pastors’ conference every year. From 2004 to 2022 I was a pastor in two Baptist churches in the Netherlands (Lelystad and Emmeloord). I was also always active in the Union of Baptist Churches in the Netherlands.

I have been pastor of the Bujattigasse Baptist Church in Vienna since July 1, 2022 which I enjoy very much.

I was delighted to join the Union leadership as a co-opted member and TO serve the Lord and the churches in this way.

For me, it is important for the Union to strengthen unity among and between the churches. And my goal is that the Union can help and support the churches in serving the Lord and being a witness for Jesus in the world.

Our faith in Jesus is a great gift that we have been given also that we may pass it on.

I hope for a blessed time together!

Fritz Kaiser