Counselling, Supervision and more

Crises and difficulties are a part of life. So is the resolution of them.


… it needs more than prayer or pastoral care.
… you don’t know what to do, but don’t want to confide in anyone from your own church.
… a pastoral worker needs supervision or has a problem of their own.
… a pastoral worker feels overwhelmed with a particular problem and would like to refer on to someone else.

In situations like this it is helpful to know who to turn to. Our consultants and counsellors have different professional qualifications, work methodically according to different schools and are specialized in different areas.

Postcode 1

Mag. Kathrin Domig
Life and social counsellor with a focus on marriage, parenting and family
Turnergasse 30/1, 1150 Vienna
Telephone: +43 650 44 14 643

Dietrich Fischer-Dörl, M.Sc.
Pastor, Supervisor, Mediator (i.A.)
Focus: Working with teams and groups
Telephone: +43 699 11 77 1546

Dagmar Gollatz, B.D.
Pastor, systemic coach, psychological counsellor, life and social counsellor, hypnosis coaching, supervisor (dipl.) Social worker.
Focus: self-esteem, personal development, fears and blocks, psychosomatics, sleep problems, professional problems, smoke-free hypnosis.

DI Lisa Koegler
Life and social counsellor (dipl.), systemic counsellor
Focus: Decision-making skills, finding professional meaning, strengthening self-confidence and intuition, group and individual settings, purpose coaching
Telefon: 0043 / 650 6010932

Johann Sachsenhofer, Dipl.-Ing.
Behavioural therapy.
Focus: Fears, compulsions, depression, burnout,
other mental disorders, relationship problems, …

Postcode 2

Renée Hannak MA
Life and social counsellor (dipl.)
Psychomotoric practitioner, Educator
Supervisor for social professions,
Individual and couples counselling

Focus: hypersensitivity, sexuality, female identity, parent counselling

Brunn am Gebirge, 2345
Telephone: +43 676 324 16 51

Postcode 4 (Upper Austria)

Gerhard Ivanovits
Life Coach (Diploma), SupportPro Supervisor
Telephone: +43 676 393 06 04

Ingrid Lösch
Life and social counselor
Focus: personal development and Christian pastoral care
Telephone: 0664/45 10 230

Gabriele Moschner
Life and social counsellor (Dipl.)
Couples and marriage counselling, family counselling, generational counselling.
Telephone: 0676 / 501 99 00

Postcode 8 (Styria)

Elisabeth Kontschnik
Psychological life and social counselor, disability educator. Additional training in the areas of borderline personality disorder and theater education.
I work systemically and solution-oriented.
Am Bach 9, 8111 Gratwein – Straßengel
Tel. +43 650 5140459

This list is incomplete and will be added to.