Student Ministry

Living together with other Christians and sharing everyday life. That is the goal of the student housing project, based in Haus Bethel (Krummgasse 7, Vienna.) Since 1993, not only students but also trainees and staff (project management, administration, etc.) have lived next door to each other here.

“I like living here because there are so many friendly people here. And from so many different countries and cultures! I like the community aspect: playing volleyball together, partying, having breakfast with students from project:vienna, dancing, table football tournaments.”– Maria D

“I appreciate the proximity, and I don’t just mean the location in the city, but also the network that is woven between the houses in the Krummgasse. It’s difficult to sum up all the contacts and encounters. I have fond memories of the last World Cup, when we followed the most important games at a ‘public viewing’ in the courtyard.” – Paul F