Reunited in Norway after 11 years!

Javad Bahktiari, a deacon at the Salzburg Baptist church who leads the Farsi-speaking ministry there, was able to be in Norway for the EBF SENT Mission Summit and share his testimony during one of the seminars. Javad is from Afghanistan, but grew up in Iran. He has had a winding journey that led to living in Austria now but included many years in Norway where he first sought asylum. In Norway, Javad was welcomed into a church and made the decision to follow Christ through the ministry of this church. He had to leave in 2012 and ended up going back to Afghanistan where he continued his journey with Christ.

After 11 years, and getting married and settling down in Salzburg, Javad was able to go back and visit the church where his journey with Jesus started. He visited with old friends and church leaders who had been praying for him for over a decade and shared his testimony— a testimony of the good work of the church. His pastor is older and frail now, but Javad visited his home to show him the fruit of his discipleship, care, and love many years ago. The seeds planted there have grown to great fruition. Javad not only serves in his church in Salzburg, he also teaches and facilitates online theological courses through the International Training Institute (ITI), and with his family is involved in missions efforts with displaced peoples across Europe and the Middle East.

We are grateful for the ministry and care of our brothers and sisters in Christ in Norway and pray for Javad and his family as they continue their good work in ministry.